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Bakery Bits
They are my favourite place for buying equipment and some of the more specialised ingredients. Particularly useful are...
  • Dough scraper (no kitchen should be without one)
  • Lame
I love my baking stone for keeping oven temperatures even but I have had to alter some of my cooking times to compensate.
The Real Bread Campaign
They are working really hard to clean up the contents of modern, factory produced bread. Membership is a £25 a year which gives you an interesting magazine and discounts with bread making courses and bread suppliers.
Delia Smith
"Soon you will only want to have homemade bread in your life."
When all else fails in the kitchen this lady and her books will always be there to help. She has some wonderful videos on her web site that show you how to do everything.
The Sourdough Companion
If there is any question you have about sourdough bread making techniques, then these people will be able to help.